Puppy Portrait

Happy Pup




That's me. Also, having received so many "I love the puppies" messages from people who stumbled their way in here before I finally got a picture of me to put up, I am going to keep them.

Oh, right. Me.

Let's see... information security is my "propassion", and I've been doing it for longer than I care to really admit. Sometime in the early oughts I began working for myself, and came up with and started peddling the notion of "virtual CISO", which was unfortunate, because people often couldn't spell "security" back then. It just wasn't a thing.

Seeing as my middle name is "pest" (I think I'm supposed to say "perseverence", but whatever), I kept trying, and ended up building a small consultancy around it, and time went by, and security did become a thing. Then people started figuring out that a "security program" is more than firewalls, and that running one is important but can be pretty daunting (not to mention expensive and prone to failure), so they looked for ways to do it more efficiently and effectively. 

And do you know how part-time/contract executives exist for almost every corporate function? so... about that... maybe they existed for infosec too? by that time I had a bit of positive reputation, and some people already knew that's what I did. I got more gigs, which eventually forced me to admit I needed help, which led to the formation of my company, EAmmune, and, well... here we are. 

Now go back to looking at puppies. Aren't they cute?!