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In this new book, Barak looks at security purely through the lens of story-telling, sharing many and varied experiences from his long and accomplished career as organizational and thought leader, and visionary in the information security field.

Instead of instructing, this book teaches by example, sharing many real situations in the field and actual events from real companies, as well as Barak’s related takes and thought processes.

An out-of-the-mainstream, counterculture thinker – Hippie – in the world of information security, Barak’s rich background and unusual approach to the field come forth in this book in vivid color and detail, allowing the reader to sit back and enjoy these experiences, and perhaps gain insights when faced with similar issues themselves or within their organizations.

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Lost in translation. Why the biggest challenge in today's business environment could be the breakdown in communications between the security team and the board.


Tales From A Security Hippie

The world of cybersecurity is vast yet fast-moving and constantly evolving. That’s why perspective is so important. Click here to read more of Barak’s musings.

Breach Mongering

  • Posted by barak engel
  • On April 18, 2022
Are you a senior, non-technology executive or board member? especially so for a public company? Have you had to deal with your CISO lately? Isn’t it just the most fun you could ever imagine having? Fifty Shades aside, let’s talk for a moment about why those conversations usually end up with only one person (not […]
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An Emerging Supply Chain Problem that will RAPI-dly give you a Headache

  • Posted by barak engel
  • On February 4, 2022
Everybody remembers at least one action movie (or MacGyver episode) where the protagonist uses a mirror to reflect a laser in order to bypass a protective grid. They often do it by redirecting the beam to fry some sensor around a corner, taking down the system in the process and gaining unauthorized access to something […]
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In a SaaS Startup

Lovely chat with Raj Umadas about this question that, from experience, I can state unequivocally is on many people’s minds.

The session was sponsored by the ever gracious Wallarm, even though we didn’t talk about them or their products at all. Good on them.